The Conejo Free Clinic provides medical, dental and legal care free of charge for low income and uninsured residents of Ventura County and North Los

Angeles County.


The CFC’s all-volunteer team of over 100 doctors, nurses, dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, attorneys and support staff serves both adults and children. 


Our Team comes here from

Los Robles Hospital, Amgen,

Kaiser Permanente, UCLA, the

Ventura County Bar Association and

private practice.

CFC Re-Opened June 1st!

Medical and Legal Appointments:  (805) 497-3575

Dental Appointments: (805) 328-3100


As the CFC re-opens and our patients are starting to return, we are following strict CDC guidelines and state/county protocol for COVID-19 safety.  COVID testing is not being done here at this time. 

Inquiries are referred to the County’s COVID-19 Hotline:

(805) 465-6650

Our partner provider, Rolling Oaks Radiology, is fully accepting patients, so annually needed mammograms can stay on track.

 Please call for your pre-screening appointment here so you can get scheduled at Rolling Oaks.


Our Legal Clinic continues to thrive, providing free assistance in almost every area of the law.  Client appointments are done by telephone only for the foreseeable future.  


     Please call about our growing services for children, including medical care, pediatric dentistry, optometry, hearing tests, acne treatment for teens, special needs guidance, school outreach, and patient advocacy.


QUESTIONS?  Please call

Teresa Seeley, CFC Executive Director

(805) 551-5266


The Conejo  Free Clinic has been providing medical, dental and legal services free of charge for low-income, uninsured adults and children in Ventura County and North Los Angeles County since 1976. 


CFC's unique advocacy program ensures that our patients receive our facilitated referrals to advanced

assistance at the County when their case goes beyond CFC's scope of care.


The CFC Medical Clinic provides physician assessments, treatment plans and follow up free of charge for adults and children.  Our Medical Team comes here from Los Robles Hospital, Amgen, Kaiser Permanente, UCLA and private practice. 


Call (805) 497-3575 for appointments.


The CFC Dental Clinic provides basic, senior and pediatric dentistry, also free of charge.


Call (805) 328-3100 for appointments.


Our Legal Clinic Team can provide guidance and information on most areas of the law.  Although they cannot represent you in court, our Legal Team can provide guidance and information on your legal concerns.


Call (805) 497-3575 for appointments. 

For the foreseeable future, client appointments are being done only by telephone.


Reaching out on your behalf so you don't have to.

Our advocates assist patients by going beyond our scope of care. Experienced Patient Advocates navigate through network and referral procedures to guide patients and ensure they get the care they need at little to no cost. Click here to learn more.


Here for you when you need us the most.

Our expert team of medical professionals can help catch breast cancer up to three years before it first can be felt. Click below to find out how and to learn more.


Here for you before you even know you need us.

More information coming soon.

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In order to keep providing the valuable care we do, we rely on private donors like you to keep our doors open.

The Conejo Free Clinic does not receive any government aid, which makes your help even more necessary so we can provide ours. We’re proud to share that 90% of a donor’s dollar goes directly to patient care. For some charities, in-kind support is helpful but not required for the provision of their services, but it is central to the Conejo Free Clinic. If you can't donate your money, please consider donating your time and volunteering.

July Update: Reopening Amid Novel Corona Virus Outbreak

July 7, 2020

Update about the Novel Corona Virus

March 18, 2020

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Due to concerns surrounding the novel Corona Virus, we are operating by appointment only.


80 E Hillcrest Dr # 102, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Appointment: (805) 497-3575

FAX: (805) 497-4099


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