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It is our honor to recognize the members of the Westlake Village Junior Women’s Club for their leadership and massive year-round fund raising efforts for our new Mammogram Fund over the past two years!   To date, this group of innovative volunteers has raised an astounding $32,000 for our breast cancer prevention services that are always provided for our community fully without charge, ensuring free mammograms for 916 local women. 

The Westlake Juniors are a Founding Donor of the Conejo Free Clinic Mammogram Fund that we launched community-wide in 2012.  Their contributions to the CFC have enriched the lives of so many grateful women who needed this potentially life-saving breast cancer screening but could not afford it.  For an incredible 46 years now, the Westlake Village Junior Women’s Club has been dedicated to improving the lives of others through volunteer service.  Their mission has definitely shined through here at the Conejo Free Clinic!  We invite you to visit them online and learn more about their achievements for our community at


RRonald McDonald Grantonald McDonald House Charities Grant.

Thanks to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California AND the Ronald McDonald House Charities Global for their combined grant of $10,000 this year for our Pediatric Clinics.


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